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Living environment-Tainan Campus

The Dorms

  There are 2 dorms of 500 4-person, air-conditioned spacious rooms in the campus. Each has separate bathroom, broadband network, direct telephone, hot water and other internal facilities. There are also a canteen, student lounge, gym, health room, aerobic dance room, table tennis room, billiard room, reading room and other public facilities in the dorms.

Special features

1.There are canteens and an OK convenience store in the campus, providing a variety of affordable dining options and all sorts of services for the students.

2.There are a gym and an aerobic dance room in the basement of the 1st Dorm; a table tennis room and a billiard room in the basement of the 2nd Dorm.

3.Boys’ and Girls’ dorms are managed by military instructors and dormitory management staff, providing assistance and ensuring the security of the dorms and the campus.

4.Dorm officials and floor representatives are responsible for the order and cleanliness of each floor. They also plan and carry out activities for a warm and friendly environment.

5.Fire and disaster prevention drills held every year to enhance security measures and to maintain residential safety.

6.Freshman welcoming activities held every year to create a sense of togetherness for all residents and to build school spirit.

7.Residential meetings held each semester to secure safety measures, strengthen staff training efficiency, share experiences and effectively carry out administrative measures in the dorms.


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